Energy / Petrochemical

Louisiana is a major pro­ducer, proces­sor and trans­porter of domes­tic energy with 88% of the nation’s oil rigs off our coast. The State ranks fifth in oil pro­duc­tion and eighth in reserves in the United States. Louisiana’s oil and gas infra­struc­ture includes 17 petro­leum refiner­ies and a num­ber of ports such as the Louisiana Off­shore Oil Port (LOOP) which receives ship­ments from large oil tankers.

New Orleans makes per­fect sense as a cor­po­rate home base for energy and petro­chem­i­cal com­pa­nies involved in off­shore explo­ration and refin­ing activ­i­ties. The city pro­vides key oppor­tu­ni­ties to com­pa­nies who sup­port the energy and petro­chem­i­cal indus­try such as engi­neer­ing and trans­porta­tion companies.

Our sup­port to the Energy / Petro­chem­i­cal indus­tries entails:

  • Offer­ing Energy and Petro­chem­i­cal sec­tor com­pa­nies located in New Orleans access to our Delta­Plus pro­gram, where we tar­get com­pa­nies’ needs and help link busi­nesses to resources and solutions.
  • Serv­ing as the liai­son between com­pa­nies in this sec­tor and the City, when needed.
  • Con­nect­ing com­pa­nies with work­force sup­port through LED Fast Start, the City of New Orleans’ JOB 1 pro­gram and com­mu­nity col­lege partners.